Briko by Nine Font

Briko is a legible hand-crafted type family that comes in two weights. Its little bit bumpy outline and soft edges give it friendly feelings.

There are two versions of Briko Family; Briko and Briko Rough(textured).

Perfect for a header for an article, posters or for anything needing a legible and neat hand-written type family.

Downlod it here:

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Get your children’s imagination flowing and allow their freedom of expression without the cleanup.

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Hospitality: The App Original:


Hospitality: The App Original:

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DSari by Latinotype (75% off).

It is inspired by the friendliness and cordiality of neo-humanist typefaces with a mix of rounded shapes, some apexed characters, and a little bit of black. Although it follows the ductus, D Sari is also a daring font with less pointed shapes, as is the case with regular neo-humanist typefaces. 
D Sari has 22 variants, which make it a very dynamic typeface. Well-suited for highlighting lettering, magazines, motion graphics, advertising, logotypes, signs, etc.

See the details of this professional font here:

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